Our mission

The Foundation Society of Knowledge and Values of Nature focuses on projects in partnership with industry and academia in order to generate answers to biodiversity challenges.

The primary purpose of the Foundation is to achieve a sensibility with the economy for active policies to provide a higher overall quality of life through connections to the advanced, innovative and sound scientific efforts.

Our operation

The Foundation Society of Knowledge and Values of Nature connects ambitious research businesses with the most penetrating thinkers of knowledge in the field of biodiversity with the goal to incorporate the preservation of biodiversity with future key players of development of Slovenia.

Companies enter in such projects to ensure the environmental acceptability of its activities , in order to improve its image with consumers of its products or services, or to riase the awareness of its employees about the importance of biodiversity conservation.

The Foundation actively seeking ideas in scientific practice in Slovenia, specially themes and projects which have all the necessary properties that the economy recognizes them asimportant and attractive. Foundation's scientific knowledge translates into an effective communication themed packages that partner companies can use in exercising their social responsibility commitments.

Our goal

The aim of the Foundation is to establish a knowledge-based society and nature values classified as core social values, and in this way contribute to the image and visibility of Slovenia.

Our mode of conduct

The Foundation is a non-profit organization, which goal it is to link the economy and academia beyond the normative understanding of nature protection. Our daily work brings together the interests of bussiness and bases of knowledge. We provide services in promotion , research and economics : support research excellence, promotions, which take into account the scientific facts and helps to transfer the correct and relevant messages to the public and also transfer new mechanisms, business models in the economy.

The Foundation is a bridge ,which has the task link the economy associated with problems of biodiversity and helps companies formulate policy and strategy of social responsibility.