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A visit to the buzzards ! Kestrels are hosting !

22. august 2016 - 03. july 2017

Where buzzards nests and where kestrels lay its eggs? Go to their kingdom under Triglav. Within 13 km from Jožete Pučnika airport between the villages of Javornik and Mekinje, Rakovnik and Zakal, there are around 20 expected nests of kestrels and buzzards and we would like you to help us find it. A pleasant task. An Exciting search where you walk through the woods and are additionally rewardeded with countless facts about the autumn, spring and summer things about nature. If your perseverance and sense of orientation rewarded with a nice discovery an additional prize can be rewarded by Zavarovalnica Triglav. But the highest reward is a feeling that you are contributing to the efforts of scientists, Aerodrom Ljubljana and Triglav in an efford for the conservation of biodiversity and the balance of the natural environment.


Announcement for photo contest Many happy returns 2016

31. january 2016

In 2016 we will continue in the same direction, but with increased intensity and greater ambitions from the start. In spring another photo contest for the best photographs of birds and airplanes will be announced. The competition will no longer be limited to (only) non-professionals, but will be open to top photographers from other countries.