Foundation partners are organizations and institutions in various ways support diffrent biodiversity issues, and companies that have positive ambitions in the field of social responsibility. The Foundation regularly publishes invitations to partnership companies in which they are invited to engage in high standard projects in the fields of science and the protection of biodiversity. The company 's show their commitment to the achievement of environmental objectives with the membership in the Foundation.

Aerodrom Ljubljana

Logotip_aerodrom_ljubljanaAerodrom Ljubljana has as its commisioned the ecological study and as a partner of the shown that it strives in solving the problem of bird strikes in a way, that in addition of mitigation of risk to the aviation is also consistent with the general standards of conservation of biodiversity and nature in Slovenia, thus contributing to the protection of biodiversity and the successful achievement of its environmental goals - a project of social responsibility.

Slovenia Control

Logo_kontrola_zracnega_prometa_slovenijeThe workroom of Slovenia control's air traffic represents a vast airspace. Sudden shadows that sometimes flicker are also the user of that expanse: birds and with them we share this vast airspace. And yet – only for us who are watching the safety of aircraft and passengers, airspace si combination of cross-country flight lines, planned lines and unexpected flickers . We are happy that we can be part of this important project of the Foundation, where by studying and taking action to discourage the possibility of bird strike and ensuring that flights are safe and also that birds are not removed, but protected in their natural habitat.

Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d.

Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d.Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d. is a member of the Foundation Society of knowledge and values of nature and its active involvement in the project of the ecological study has become an important part of the project - and vice versa: the sustainable creation of a secure coexistence can be an important part of the efforts of the insurance company for engaging in socially relevant action and movement, as it caters for both concrete ( air in summer) security as well as safety in terms of responsible sustainable practices and thinking. Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d. with such acts reinforces its position as a sustainable company, which acceleratly implements sustainable policies into their business operations, reporting and with the communication of its activities to establish a dialogue with stakeholders and establish the effectiveness in achieving the goals of sustainability.

Holding Slovenske elektrarne

Logo_Holding_Slovenske_elektrarneHSE Group is an important member of the Foundation. As it is an inclusion in the association with the most responsible institutions and individuals of a vision of sustainable development and is a wise choice for the management of natural resources such as water, through the use of new knowledge and ethical standards. Sensitive biodiversity conservation with smart water management and living world its assosiated developing with the operation of science and economy and open communication and mutual support of both parties. The Foundation has carried out projects for the protection of rare or endangered animal species according to modern methods and in the best interests of all concerned - including the cooperation and support of HSE's.

CMC Ekocon

Logo_CMC_EkoconCMC is with its membership in the Foundation joins a selected group of Slovenian institutions which hold similar future values. Support for projects of the Foundation CMC opens the way to responsible entrepreneurship future where science and economy are combined into a common commitment to the values of sustainable living. Sustainable development has allies in the broad-minded and conscious individuals and society that is committed to positive values. Biodiversity is one of those values present in this moment.