Ecological study on the wider area of Ljubljana Jožeta Pučnika Airport

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Arne Hodalič
The project of the Ecological studiy at LJAP for increasing safety and reduce damage to the airport will contribute to reducing long-term threats and incurred losses in aviation. Our goal is a solution, which in addition to reduced losses in the aviation is consistent with the general standards of conservation of biodiversity and nature in Slovenia and will therefore contribute to the protection of biodiversity and the successful achievement of environmental objectives - a project of social responsibility.

This is the first project of its kind in Slovenia, which will last from 3-5 years . Increased risk of accidents or even aircraft fatalities that may result from collisions between aircraft and wildlife shows how important the ecological study is and why recommendations to reduce risks and losses are importants. The ecological study is also important because it is part of a larger environmental project. The recommendations include complex solutions, supported by solid scientific data obtained through the survey. The quality of the data is providede by referenced scientists and by a group of experts in different fields.

Knowledge and experience that we have gained from this project will have significant potential for similar problems at other airports in need of effective solutions. Therefore an insurance company is alsoo involved in this long-term project, as its implications could have widespread significance and lasting effects.

The added value offered by the project is also a sustainable and ecologically advanced solution of the problem of aviation safety and the reduction of costs incurred by accidents. Implementation of the ecological study also takes into account recommendations of international organizations for the safety of civil aviation and is a necessary step towards a successful reduction of risk of damage incurred in aviation posed by wildlife.

To each their own space in the sky

Written by: Meta Krese (translated by Google Translate – errors may be present)

Airports are attractive for a wide variety of birds , but unfortunately they also represent a potential threat to aviation security. Airport operators to continuously monitor the presence of birds on the runway and they , of course, to prevent security threats . This is dictated to them by the international and national law. Rough ways in which we could get rid of birds, quite a few , but they just are not in line with our environmental policy . Therefore, we have teamed up with the foundation knowledge society and the values of nature. Its professional staff since December 2011 exploring the natural system in the vicinity of the airport and we thus help in finding a solution that would be in the short and even more important in the long run jointly develop a lasting harmony and effectively reduce the risk posed to aircraft pose birds , without this being demolished balance in nature.

Ljubljana Airport is situated among the last remnants of the mighty lowland forests also in the "living room of the family Bambi " as humorously wrote biologist Gregor Belušič . Deer stopped a high fence so that they're finding other places birds but do not give so easy to take your space . The researchers during the study of avian fauna , while between December 2011 and 2012 recorded birds aircraft above the aerodrome find them in this area very tempted as it is a hunting ground for them much more attractive than in the surrounding habitats . At least be left to disturb buzzards , crows and gray Kestrel . Buzzard is a medium -sized prey species and common kestrel falcon , both catch the common vole , which are kept on pastures within the airport fence . Even the crows in certain periods of the year to find enough food : insects and other animals , a wide variety of seeds and fruits , and also what waste they enjoy it . Professional Staff of the Foundation knowledge society and the values of nature among other things, an airport expert advice on how to manage grasslands and how to restrict access to food to the airport has become less attractive to birds.

Foundation knowledge society and the values of nature can carry out a study of bird fauna , which is part of a multi-annual project Ecological studies to increase safety and reduce damage to the airport , due to the integration of our and foreign research institutions, air traffic control Slovenia , Triglav Group, Zavarovalnica Triglav d.d. with us , which is has proved to be a good example of cooperation between science and business. With the application of new technologies, tracking and bird watching is so windows control project in the wider area of the airport , to the extent possible, eliminate the risk that birds pose for a safe takeoff and landing of aircraft without compromising sustainable living and sustainable development.

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    Arne Hodalič

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    Arne Hodalič

Ecological study on the wider area of LJPA

Written by: Gregor Belušič (translated by Google Translate – errors may be present)

Our old houses were erected outside the reach of flood waters. Today, building plots to grow behind the dikes, which arrogantly adjusted century-old breakwater waters . Petstoletne water now every ten years running the burden of end customers.

Across the marshy plains and through hribje we laid the highway and surrounded by fencing, which tupatam in fast lane drop -bear with cubs . Only sometimes , usually until death.

Even Ljubljana Airport to Airport road we should move on to the fertile plains of Upper Carniola , the last remnants of the mighty lowland forests , due on Wednesday in the living room of the family Bambi . The high fence around the track now Vodiška deer noisy work and a long detour to sink under Krvavcem . Birds is easier because you can climb and hike through the airport a shortcut . Following the path that leads through the invisible air corridors for landing and take-off aircraft. Meetings and iron feathered birds bad ending , sometimes for both parties involved . Fences, which could protect aircraft in the air before peresnokategorniki , has not yet been found even in the best -stocked online stores . When you try to tell the birds not to fly over the airport , we only wholesale watch , because they do not clear even this , why should anyone use the aircraft to move around the world . Experience with wolves that despite the increased killing smoothly and regularly dine karst lamb, tells us that in Brnik birds will not count for either the threat of a shotgun . Oops, already shotgun was politically incorrect , not to mention shotguns Pučnik . Safety in air passenger traffic , of course, is not a matter of political correctness . Coexist with birds is not only politically correct and fashionable , not only is environmentally and animal friendly , but all of this together , as well as especially urgent and inevitable. The birds have to learn to get along with them live and with whom you share airspace. Identify birds , to know their routes and times to follow their jedilnikom through the seasons , this is all part of basic literacy , basic knowledge of their own environment and cultivation . Able to divert their attention , discouraged without undue violence , they know how to wait , and they wisely withdraw all part of a responsible and constructive attitude towards nature in which we glaciers from space flattened to the airport only temporarily borrowed between two ice ages.